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Unit 11 and Unit 12

        Unit 11                                            



             120 bsf

150bsf                                                    100bsf

   60bsf                             65bsf

                80bsf                                 50bsf
Describe what people is wearing

Juan: Hi, what are you wearing?
Pedro: I'm wearing black jeans, a t-shirt and black shoes and you?
Juan: I'm wearing a blue jacket, a black t-shirt, and dark blue sneakers,

Luisa: Hi, carla. How are you doing? What are you wearing?
Carla: Hi, I'm doing ok and you?  I'm wearing a white skirt, a black blouse, and sandals and you?
Luisa: I'm wearing a purple dress, and white sandals.

Angel: Hey, Maria. Look at that a black jean in the windows at the store.
Maria:Oh, it's awesome. How much is it?
Angel: I don't know. I can't see a price.
Maria: Excuse me.
Clerk: Yes?
Maria: How much is the black jean?
Clerk: It's a one hundred fifty bsf.
Maria: thanks.

Unit 12
Personality traits
Engineer: Outgoing, ingenious, worker and smart.
Doctor: Attentive, reliable, patient, loyal and sincere.
Teacher: Funny, hardworking, friendly and outgoing.
Painter: Creative, skilful, sensitive and smart.

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